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Welcome to CW Heating & Air!

CW Heating & Air provides reliable and experienced home performance and air conditioning & heating service to greater Salt Lake City, Utah area homeowners. At CW Heating & Air, our staff looks at more than your air conditioning and heating systems.

Our goal is to deliver guaranteed comfort and performance solutions. To do so, we evaluate your entire house, including:

  • Air conditioning & heating system
  • Air sealing & air exchange
  • Insulation
  • Duct work, duct leakage & air flow
  • Pressures

Get it Done Right at the Right Price

A conventional air conditioning and heating contractor won’t evaluate — or repair — many issues that affect your heating and cooling system’s performance. CW Heating & Air identifies issues outside of a conventional contractor’s scope, and fixes what we find. Many of our clients need only minor repairs to their homes, yet still see significant improvements to comfort and energy efficiency.

When you take a whole house approach, you’ll save more over time because of:

  • Lowered electricity & gas bills
  • Longer lifespan of equipment
  • Reduced breakdown & maintenance cost of equipment

Ready to feel more comfortable in your home?

Schedule a tune-up or service on you existing system, or if you're looking to buy a new or replacement system, schedule a FREE consultation today! Either way, you’ll feel comfortable knowing CW Heating & Air offers guaranteed solutions and results.

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