OMV Oil Furnace

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OMV Oil Furnace







Stainless steel, heavy gauge heat exchanger quickly transfers heat to the ambient air
Multi−position, four way multipoise unit that opens−up installation possibilities
Low profile - OMV098 is 40-3/4 inches (1035 mm) high, OMV112 is 41-1/2 inches (1054mm) high, OMF154 is 47-7/8 inches (1216mm) high
Sound attenuator, integrated inside secondary heat exchanger. High density acoustic wool dampens combustion sound.
Variable speed blower ECM motor that provides true constant CFM capabilities
Dehumidification with variable speed ECM motor allows modulation of blower speed to better extract humidity
Choice of high static pressure oil burners: Beckett AFG & NX, Riello 40 (Burners must be ordered separately)
Inspection port/clean outs external for easy access and sealed, adjust combustion parameters and simplify inspections parameters and perform inspections easily with this sealed, spring−loaded access port
Approved for chimney vent and sealed combustion installations
High quality, high gloss baked finish
Efficient AFUE up to 86.7% Canada, 86.3% US
Front flue (breech)



10 year No Hassle Replacement™ limited warranty
Lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty with timely registration
5 year parts limited warranty
With timely registration, an additional 5 year parts limited warranty
* Applies to original purchaser/homeowner, some limitations may apply. See warranty certificate for complete details.

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