EDM2X Evaporator Coil

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EDM2X Evaporator Coil




  • • R-22 Service Coils
  • • 1 1/2 THRU 5 TONS
  • • Widths match 15-1/2, 19-1/4, 22-3/4, 24-1/2 ICP gas furnaces





Removable front access panel
Easy slide−out coil for inspection
Two UV light knock−outs provided on cabinet
Hemmed flanges for safer handling
Foil faced insulation
Non−sweat cabinet, even at extreme conditions
Cabinets meet or exceed 2% air leakage codes
Sturdy, 22 gauge, pre−painted steel cabinet
Multiposition installation - upflow, downflow, or horizontal
Aluminum main tubing and aluminum fins (copper stubs for field connection)



Bolt−on TXV metering device factory installed on all models (equalizer tube brazed in)
TXV and manifold positioned to the side for easier cleaning
Innovative drain pan design for complete water removal
Two condensate drain connections
Two−piece delta plate for easier removal and cleaning


5 year parts limited warranty
* Applies to original purchaser/homeowner, some limitations may apply. See Warranty certificate for complete details.

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